Poncheros and Covid 19

Before C19 arrived I had a plan! My poncho-tastic plan was to bring to the UK items made by small family makers around the world.

The Great Poncho Plan

The Poncho Plan was great – we had makers in Bali, India, Mexico, Guatemala and more, ready to take orders.  They were excited – a fair price for their work and a new customer to sell to.  The UK Import agents were all ready too – they love bringing in good quality lines and supporting small business.  It was ALL SO EXCITING!! 

And then ‘it’ happened.  We are not giving in to ‘it’!!

We have a small selection of products already in from India and Bali and apart from ponchos being absolutely brilliant (especially when working from home in your PJ’s and you realise you have a video conference in 2 minutes or the boss Skypes unexpectedly!), we want to send a clear message to our family factories across the globe that we aren’t giving up on them, that we will do whatever we can to make Poncheros happen.

In good news, we’ve ended up with a much better name than the original one!

Why Buy From Us?

So we’re not quite going to change the world ‘one poncho at a time’ but we will offer some hope and stability to the small family businesses across the globe, as well as our UK importers who work hard to make sure that our products are ethically produced using sustainable materials, and that all the workers are paid full and fair market prices. Hope that their businesses, as well as ours, will weather this storm in the long run.

Apart from this, ponchos are of course awesome!  They have so many uses, are ideal for travel, go with anything (even your PJ’s), any time of year and are even a great and thoughtful gift for nursing mothers. A stylish alternative to a cardigan and perfect for adding an extra layer or changing up an outfit, and of course one size fits all.

As for handling and dispatch.  All items have been quarantined by us for over 3 weeks before being offered for sale, just as a precaution and peace of mind. 


We are a small family business and only 2 members will ever touch your order.  Both members are adhering to handwashing recommendations and temperature checks.

All packaging is securely sealed so nobody else touches your purchases until you open it.

Some areas and carriers are still experiencing slight delays but this is much improved since lockdown eased.  If it is necessary to go into lockdown again, we are ready to deal with that and will advise customers accordingly.



Carolyn & The Poncheros